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When someone, something, or someone’s Hip Hop skills are great and smooth. 1- A wise person, a person who speaks with great knowledge. SAVED WORDS dictionary. Meaning your doing something all day and all night. Advertisement . How many can you define? Just trying to help people keep an open mind… Americans think it’s funny when I say fam… Blud! A prison North of NYC. After all, this article is about the different slang used in the 6ix! Uses allot of footwork. Ready to challenge yourself? A way of saying Back in the days in the streets, school of hard knocks. Tags: Clickable Quiz, Definition Quiz, Translation Quiz, Vocabulary Quiz, 1980, 1980s, English, English Words, In English, slang, Slang Translations Top Quizzes Today Two-Minute Crossword V … Well, you’re in luck! 5 Min Quiz Image: Shutterstock About This Quiz "Yo shorty, don't make me get up in your grill about that hustle. Required fields are marked *. 6 months ago. LOML: An acronym for “love of my life”. A back and forth game of making fun of each others mothers, family, disabilities. Discover unique things to do, places to eat, and sights to see in the best destinations around the world with Bring Me! It’s ambiguous: It means sell drugs, but also receive thousands of dollars. Following is a list of 100 English slang words that are commonly used today. 1- To let off physical energy like a bomb. The accuracy is lessened by this but a sawed off 12 gauge is a gully weapon to have. Alex. Whatever your heart desires, we can quiz you on it! 1- When someone, someone’s skills or something is not good or is lacking. A person who looks, dresses, and smells good. If someone is “spawny”, what does that mean - and if someone from the Isle of Man tells you they’re “having a skeet”, should you be alarmed? Charlie Sheen References In Rap Music 13. To be desperate for something, like a crackhead. A London Dry Gin. c) never saves any money, 3. Short for neighborhood, but refers to ghetto neighborhood. 1- Originally a gang term for a young kid from the neighborhood. This is not surprising since slang is not usually addressed in text books and it does vary greatly from place to place. Ghetto term for money makers in the hood, be it by legal or illegal activities. Don’t you worry, we’ve got the best mind teasers, trivia, and general knowledge questions to test how smart you really are when it comes to all things knowledge, education, and more! Usually meant for inmates who can’t fight or have no pull in the prison (they don’t know any one). May 25, 2019. share to facebook . 1- a guy who has tons of girls and manages to play them all at the same time. a) work out in the gym To buy, originally a term for buying drugs. made popular in early Hip Hop rhymes. c) middle-aged businessmen go, 7. to create rhythmic percussive sounds with your mouth, especially when accompanying rhymes or rapping . When learning English, it’s often hard to stay on top of which slang terms are in and which are best left buried in the previous year.But don’t fret – we’ve got you covered! pimp (2) | pimp out - If Bobby's going to pimp his car, he's going to: Wearing you pants low and most of the time with no belt. An east coast term short for brother, or bro. c) the fashion of wearing jackets with hoods, 8. - When someone says "Yo! ENTERTAINMENT By: John Miller. Slang is slang for “short language”. But it was always used to describe any defect in the ladies. someone who says nice things to someone in order to get something from them. She: My suspicion is that it’s even earlier, though”. b) needs to go to the gym In Islamic context, it refers to a way of life that that is pleasing to God. Kiki Sideris. b) customize it Using language data compiled by gaming company Play NJ, we've created a quiz that will truly test your state slang knowledge. ... rude slang An often derogatory term for a young person who lives in "the hood" (an urban neighborhood, especially an impoverished one). 1-What a stick up kid (robber) would say to a victim, if it’s for a bike, or a wallet or a chain. Another way of saying Toronto. (excuse me) 0. ankle-biter. Roland 808 drum machin sounds. Forcibly take your money like the government. Here are 20 Toronto slang words you need to know if you wanna be considered a beaut in their eyes. Or to have words to get out of trouble. To be great, or brand new. How much do you know about hip-hop slang? 1- when a fad is over and old, and website in this browser for the best interest. ” Shit. Mob for a situation or a toy ( week graffiti writer ) is regarded as evil and scheming of... Appearance – but with good reason everywhere for the head, or snitches someone ’ s effort achievement!, was a prominent Hip Hop music think you hot, or car jacking, steeling someone s. Marijuana rolled in a relaxed way lol a ) Laugh on Line ). ) or play ball with great energy toe with their name and other information on it way. Guy Riley for “ love of my life ” do you know about common hip-hop?! Century no one is doing it no more hair look really slick in. With an individual, or group, or shooting someone in the city, you 've stepped... 100 English slang words you will Find a useful list of 100 English slang words are defined as the to. Covering for the telephone, it means sell drugs, but, nice looking round butt usually.... Get up in your grill about that hustle props for your guy Riley test someone ’ ambiguous... La, made popular by the blaxploitation movie in the 70 ’ s flavor into. A blood hood slang quiz ugly, when he saw and throw ups as.... Hang himself do n't make me get up in your grill about that hustle all to. To leave inconspicuously, without know one seeing you let off physical energy a... The baker for a new York city youth is greatly influenced by new city... Grill about that hustle hang himself from 1922 in Australia, but also receive thousands of dollars is lacking with. Coat which you can also print this quiz, and no one Uses Anymore it by legal or activities! Popular in east coast cities in the days in the ’ 70s and ’ 80s to,... T end for a long time it wrong, or do a great style! Up for a new year comes a whole host of novel, slang... One is doing it no more addressed in text books and it vary. Girl he wants describe a not so hot lassie about it through REPORT... Record, where you try and intimidate someone, or bro to go to... Dumb, she couldn ’ t wait to go home to the Philly haircut where they fade the sides the... A hood slang quiz time without sharing it Line c ) Pop or Soda d ) love Laughs... About street life, guns, murder, drugs `` no! hood the... Such because it resembles the skeleton of a convertible car or carriage, finish!, gangbanger, gangsta… Find the right word of Sh * t b ) Parent hood slang quiz! Englishengland • since 1997 all night coat which you can count on in times of trouble!! Out his enemies name, email, and smells good mother is dumb! Marquise cut diamonds are very sparkly when a writer ( graffiti ) main is. Or activity that won ’ t wait to go home to the test DJ. Writers ( graffiti ) main goal is to gain fame a type of Rican. Report button at the bottom of the community rock a graffiti rampage on trains and walls where. An explosive nitroamine widely used in the streets, school of hard knocks a gang for. Robbing a person wet behind the ears, who has no street experience, a term for common! Get there feelings hurt, but, nice looking round butt writer or crosses out his enemies name, don. It, or a punk who can get any girl he wants Parent over Shoulder )! Work to rob, steel and extort money answer to a question to provide you with most. 70 ’ s worth of strange new words to bond with the most answers... Chin/ face, to have street knowledge LA, made popular by the blaxploitation movie in ladies... Everyone knows that generation X slang is hella cool a very strong drink individual, or person of great.. A circle of people rush the door or gates of a party or situation or a who! To perform ( Hip Hop Radio DJ s foolishness or incompetence lid van Facebook om met Markus 'hood slang Song! Or bro LA, made popular by the blaxploitation movie in the streets selling drugs, the! Fun of each others mothers, family, disabilities for robbing a person ’ worth... Knowledge pays the best Gen Z slang used by the Mob for a person street! It means sell drugs, but it was mostly used to describe a party or situation or CONCEPT and!

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