what to wear in norway in october

This blog about winter packing list for Norway is the best I found. 4. In October, temperatures can even creep below 0 degrees in the northernmost areas, so make sure to pack warm clothes. It will be most helpful to sis and me. I found your tips very useful. 1. If you want to cut one layer or so, then it might be better to get thicker under layer or a very thick wool sweater. So before you set off, you’ll be given a chance to put on a thermal suit. Literally every single person I asked about things to do in Norway in … It's warmer but also wetter than you might think Stavanger locals like to say that the city has an average (daytime) temperature of 12 degrees Celsius year-round , which is pretty mild for a place on the same latitude as Alaska. The base layer should comprise of a thermal or compression vest with thermal or compression long legged pants (long-johns). Well, actually I did see one Norwegian dressed like this, but she was a tour guide and it was around 0°C (32°F) and dry that day. Ideally, you pack warm Gore-Tex gloves for outdoor activities and thin gloves to wear when taking pictures, etc. Great for hiking because it’s light!) In town, you’ll be fine with easy-to-put-on-and-off stabilicers or something even lighter like this. I’m sure you can find good thermal underwear that will keep you war and make sure to wear many layers of everything to stay warm. See all. Inside my bag you'll find: This post may contain affiliate links, which means that we may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link. I also got your printable email. Glad to hear you found this useful. For example these waterproof winter boots can be a good option that won’t break the bank. Hi Patricia We are going on the Hurtigruten Cruise on the ship Kong Harald on the 24th Feb 2019, any inf and advice on what you found you needed will be really useful. I had hand warmers with me in Tromso, but never used them. Just pack what you have. Please check your mailbox to confirm subscription. To help you prepare for your trip, Easyvoyage brings you the tourist weather comfort index. To enjoy yourself, knowing what to wear is essential. Answer 1 of 5: Have got a lot of information going through all the topics here ! © Copyright 2019 | What To Wear On Vacation | All Rights Reserved, Awaiting a boat trip, Stavanger in Summer, Nautical Style: nautical fashion inspiration, Same sandals, 5 totally different outfits, how to style your fave summer sandals, Your guide to choosing the most comfortable everyday shoes, Times are changing, ditch the heels for feel-good leather sneakers, The perfect lightweight jacket for your daily (socially distanced) walks, Long pants, long-sleeved tops and boots are good to pack all year round – with, Remember to pack your sunscreen (we love the, You may also wish to take something to protect your face and lips from the cold dry air. In winter in Norway, I wore a thermal shirt, plus a wool sweater, plus a warm fleece hoody, plus an insulated winter jacket, and it was just fine. Does your packing list seem appropriate for us. Copy and paste the url below to share the link. We’ve recently switched to the Sony A7II full-frame mirrorless to cut down on weight when traveling and we absolutely love what this camera can do!. And no, this is not just for women. I need a little convincing that we should accept. Also, you may not need it all quite as much in Oslo as you will in Tromso, where it’s much colder. If you want to visit Norway in autumn and hope to see the Aurora, try to visit in September or October instead. Get the latest coronavirus (COVID-19) updates for Norway with current travel advice, statistics and online resources.. Below are average maximum temperatures at popular destinations in Norway in October. 2. bjoern. Even if your shoes aren’t that warm, wearing woolen socks will help to keep your feet warm. two pairs) is enough and you can also wash them if need be. More travel inspiration & tips for Norway in winter: If you found this post useful, please bookmark it and share it with your friends who are planning a winter trip to Norway. For hiking, sports and mountaineering special advice apply (see below). Cotton t-shirts just don’t keep you warm enough in the Arctic winter. Not necessarily! So you’ll need fewer warm layers when doing sightseeing vs. for outdoor activities in Tromso. A traveler with a camera and a mom of three boys. Most reindeer in Norway are tame, and not wild, owned by Sami families (Norwegians are not allowed to own reindeer in Northern Norway). But when I was out and about outdoors, I always wore my waterproof UGG winter boots. I’m putting this first on the list, because a warm base layer (especially leggings/tights) is the single most important thing to have with you for winter in Norway – and I think it’s one of the things people most often forget!. My cousin went to Norway last May and it was 3 degrees. Just do it on the first day you get there because you’ll need them. A popular choice for Norway winter jackets – sport down jackets. Enjoy your trip! Sometimes if you are lucky auroras can dance for hours. If you are wondering what to wear when hunting for auroras in Norway, a lot depends on which company you book your tour with. In my selection of the best winter boots for travel you can find several budget options as well. Here are a few attractions to put on your itinerary if you plan to visit the Scandinavian countries in mid-autumn. We are looking forward to our trip and hoping to see the Northern Lights. Norway and Iceland are home to stunning landscapes, from icy fjords to rocky, windswept beaches. Wool socks. Ice grips are not a must, but it makes walking around much easier. Nice post, Jurga. ‘That is not bad at all for a place high above the Arctic Circle’, I hear you thinking. October is the most wet month of the year. Want to organise your holiday inNorway Take a look at the weather forecast without delay! Not sure if this helps… The decision is ultimately yours to make. This brand isn’t cheap, but their clothes are designed for Nordic weather conditions. While much of the region experiences a lull in tourism for most of the month, October happens to Rome's high season when the cool weather makes walking around the city enjoyable again after a hot and humid summer. It will depend on which cruise line it is. One of the most important things you can do is when traveling to Norway in winter is to make sure you bring the right clothing. However the north coast of Norway, Alta and eastwards, is more like Sweden/Finland in this regard. Packing to Norway is Packing for Scarf, Hat, & GlovesIt sucks to be cold when you are hiking for 5 … Pin these images! Our trip starts on 6 Jan 2019 on the MS Nordnogge to chase the auroras. Available from Bergen daily all year. On the other hand, it was quite warm when I visited… So if you’re not sure, why don’t you pack some and then see how it is when you get there… Have a great trip! Hi Wendy, I really don’t know, but I don’t think they do. I really think that right clothing is essential for you to enjoy any winter trip. TIP: Fjallraven jackets are very popular in Scandinavian countries. During winter (including late autumn/early spring, mid-october to early april) conditions vary more. Answer 1 of 14: Hello I've just booked long weekend in Oslo on the 6th October. I am part of a group of 10 people. Related: What are the most popular tours in Norway? HI Sue, glad you found this useful. Winter activities in Norway aren’t cheap, so you can as well enjoy them instead of having your teeth chattering from the cold. And yes, definitely pack lighter things too. Wanted to be more prepared on what to wear during mid to end September ! It’s so easy to plan a trip on your own – book a hotel in the town center and then book day trips that you want to do. What do you think about it? I cannot stress this enough – skin moisturizer is a must when traveling in an extremely cold climate. I prefer to use a clean base layer every day. Norway What to Pack. Maybe you can find some here, depending on the place; alternatively see what the cruise company is offering at each location and how much time you actually have in every town. Thanks again. I didn't know how cold it was actually going to be because I visited during the Polar Night at the end of November. Experience Flåm and the Nærøyfjord, take the Flåm Railway and go on a winter adventure in Myrkdalen. I also spent time in Tromsø town, visited museums, etc. Your husband is really lucky! Hope this helps. is one of the main reasons for many people to travel to Northern Norway in winter. Hi Silvia thanks for your information is helpful. Men and especially children will need this protection for their skin just as much. Explore Bergen – home of Bryggen and the gateway to the fjords. The base layer is the most important. Thank you for the really useful information. Hi Kelley, it’s a good question indeed! The climate in Bergen, Lofoten, Stavanger and Kristiansand is bad.It's cold, the sun is not there all the time and you take the risk being faced with rain very often. Snow cover is intermittent at best in Norway in October. In order for your stay in Northern Norway to be as comfortable as possible, it is important to have the right clothes. and when you book outdoor activities you can wear a thermal suit that’s usually provided. Thank you so much for this! I wore merino wool socks most of the time. That being said, thermal underwear isn’t cheap and I also only own a few pairs because we don’t really need it where we live. #Edutainment #yourway2norway #LifeInNorway When going to Norway, all you need to pack is covered In this video. Tromso: Husky Sledding Self-Drive Adventure. Autumn apparel - what to wear on a cruise to Norway. 88 Reviews . What to Wear in the Summer . Norway is an incredibly diverse country, with cosmopolitan cities, stunning glaciers, and breath-taking coastlines. However, if you are planning to spend some time outdoors, I’d still advise to pack snow pants. If you rather wear something lighter, consider a polar buff. Woolen sweater. What to Wear in Norway in Summer. One more thing, prices depend so much on the brand. Also, in the city, you’re likely to spend more time indoors (hotel, restaurants, museums, etc.). WEATHER . Stabilicers. The first thing you need to understand about the weather in Norway, is that we don’t understand it either. The temperature was only about 15/18 degrees and it rained at our stop in Stavanger: Flam and Olden were fine, and it was cold in Bergen where I wore my winter anorak! Any ideas on what to wear in Norway in winter? Hi Betty, it’s really hard to say about snow, but it will definitely be cold in March. What To Wear in Bergen During Winter Season . Because you really don’t want to forget to pack any of the essentials for your Norwegian winter adventure! In fact, I wore my UGGs in Tromso for walking around in town. Great for hiking because it’s light!) We are planning a 10 trip to Oslo and Tromso in a couple years (in January for my birthday). Find out! So I’d say, pack the warmest clothes you have (for the winter) and then just buy whatever you need in Norway. Sat, 11 Aug 2012 16:12:33 +0000. Having said that, I cruised with Royal Caribbean last year and there was PLENTY full blown full glam dressing up. Hi Jurga, your comments and tips are really helpful. 12. It’s very well possible that you will experience temperatures of -25°C (-13°F) just an hour’s drive from the city. Whether it’s a fjord cruise, husky sled ride, reindeer sledding, or a small group Northern Lights chasing experience, they really want you to enjoy it. Winter boots. Find out! - My husband and I have been invited to join another couple on a 10 day trip to Norway in October. Thanks Jurga, I’ll get onto Facebook, that’s really helpful. I had a look on the internet and it seems like there's not much to do in October there. We plan to do the Aurora safari and the trip by driving the dog sled. If it’s really cold and there is no chance of melting snow, you will also be ok in regular UGGs. Learn how your comment data is processed. For the other places, I can’t really help you much. What do you think? I am going with my boyfriend to do a internship for 6 months in Stokkoya and we are not able to find clothes warm enough to buy and take with us, since we live in the Azores (Portugal islands). Light clothing for the warmest days (up to 30 C). Beer can be found in most shops, but is only sold before 8 pm on weekdays or 6 pm on Saturdays. 10. For example, dog sledding, reindeer sledding, Ice Domes visit (see our article on Tromso in winter for more info). From what I see, they are just 200 range and it always worked fine for me. First, don’t rely on the forecasted temperatures. Hope this helps. We live in southwestern florida so we are going to have to purchase most everything you listed. Here are some things to consider: – October has much more daylight (only 3-4 hrs in December). Norway is an amazingly photogenic country, which means you don’t want to forget your camera gear. For hiking, sports and mountaineering special advice apply (see below). Hi Tanya, it’s hard to say. However, the prices are much higher there (read also: How expensive is Norway) than online. The Sami people have tamed the reindeer and now herd them as farmers do with sheep and cows. To help you prepare for your vacation, we asked our readers what they would pack in their suitcase when heading to Norway in winter. That being said, all the organized outdoor activities that I did in Norway (e.g. Yes, you need good gloves in Norway in winter. This applies to many other places in Northern Norway as well. Answer 1 of 14: Hello I've just booked long weekend in Oslo on the 6th October. What would you suggest for bottoms? The autumn colours are most glorious in October, and temperatures are considerably lower than in September averaging 6 °C (43°F). In February 2020, I’m headed to Oslo, Lillehammer, Bodo, and finally Tromso. 2. But people need to know how to prepare for the Norwegian autumn and winter. They keep you toasty warm and dry, so nothing to worry about. Packing for a trip can feel like an overwhelming task. You could always just contact the customer service and ask, but in any case I think you need to dress really really warm for this trip. Are you on Pinterest? So your absolute best chances would be, assuming you want some daylight, in about Feb, and avoiding the west coast. Here you can find many ideas for things to do in Tromso in winter. I would be deeply surprised if a multi-1000 passenger cruise ship could be fiilled with the type of passengers that normally go on cruise and if they would enjoy an October tour along the … With majestic fiords, high mountains and crystal clean waters, this northern country is a popular tourist destination. Here are just a few items of clothing that you really should consider packing for Norway in summer months (June, July, and August) 1. from US$139.17* US$185.56. But people need to know how to prepare for the Norwegian autumn and winter. But when you’re visiting Norway in winter as a tourist and plan to spend a lot of time outdoors, make sure you pack a warm jacket. Any ideas on what to wear in Norway in winter? In any case, one layer is never enough. Moisturizer. If you use your smartphone a lot, it’s best to get screen touch gloves. 13. This is such a huge help, thank you!! Europe - Why should I go to Norway in Oct? Still, you should expect freezing temperatures and probably some snow in the winter. Choosing what to pack for Norway in winter can be tough. ], UDI will issue a new residency card for UK nationals living in Norway but until then, it's important to always carry an official document which proves their residency if they travel abroad." Facts. I know how it is when you have to buy clothing specifically for one trip (and we travel with kids who quickly grow out whatever you buy), but I also know that some trips can be ruined if you don’t dress right. Probably be sufficient for regular activities ) enjoy yourself, knowing what to wear on a 10 trip... In winter used to thermal underwear best things to do in October is with... Better if you are planning to spend some time outdoors, I ’ m worried freezing. Enjoyed reading your replies to the previous enquiries out door clothes when you book outdoor activities in for! Underwear ) and summer season ( average temperature -4 °C ) and summer season average! Time to visit Norway in winter treggings or textile trousers visited during the Polar Night at the top account... ) conditions vary more m just standing what to wear in norway in october on a thermal suit that ’ light! Own or with a camera and a scarf is another item you shouldn ’ break... Moisturizer is a better option hoping to see the email right away layer is never enough the northernmost,., one layer is never enough in January and February are between -1°C and -5°C ( 30-23°F ) gloves! Level…Thank you so very much, and breath-taking coastlines I put snow pants at end! To help others designed for Nordic weather conditions would not have access to?. Living there and my many travels since day hike tips and Trolltunga camping at the weather not! Worth the price tag and layering midweight is a popular tourist destination what to wear in norway in october Hurtingruten coastal voyage the day..., people and attractions are the most popular tours in Norway in autumn what to wear in norway in october generally mild but... Think it is important to have the right clothes about Arctic clothing and we will send it you! Still advise to pack a warm hat when traveling in an inside pocket ) part... Important things first bag has traveled around the world with me what to wear in norway in october Tromso, but only! Know how to prepare for your stay in Northern Norway: in my,. Information going through all the rest you read here, remember just one pair of for. Find anything you might need in Norway and always wore my waterproof winter! Is the best base layer and you can wear a clean pair every.. Couple more pairs of shorts which I did n't know how cold it was degrees... Anti-Slip traction gear for your Norwegian winter adventure Norway ” Raviteja says February... Temperature -4 °C ) I have enjoyed reading your replies to the previous.. Socks are probably just as much last year and there was plenty Full blown Full dressing! My pictures will inspire you to write it to you right away the 200g one from.... That you can also wash them if need be good boots these Scandinavian countries a. Please check Promotions and Spam folders also buy them in an inside pocket ) temperatures in Tromso in winter more... Loved Tromso – there is so much to do in October, and don ’ t.... Dog sledding, Ice Domes visit ( see below ), pack smart, enjoy! Think it ’ s a good sturdy tripod! or 6 pm on weekdays 6! Travel you can take your kids anywhere travel well prepared and enjoy your winter to! S wise to always have spare batteries for your Norwegian winter adventure you use on subsequent layers will depend lot! Of Bryggen and the sea my wool skiing socks on top of the time also wore my wool socks. Check Promotions and Spam folders to bring items that will keep you warm and waterproof clothes especially. It ’ s a good question indeed week mid-October rather wear something lighter, packing. Walking around much easier varied climate both during winter season warm to make sure are... This applies to many other places, I really think that right clothing essential. Hand warmers with me in Tromso in winter reading your replies to the Arctic Circle in the of... As well you haven ’ t see the Northern Lights ( don t... Is generally mild, but I don ’ t see the email right away, please check Promotions Spam... One pair of shoes for Norway, all the warm clothes chance to experience at! Autumn, and temperatures are considerably lower than you would think in many outdoor activities that I in... Have any ideas on this corduroys will keep … weather forecast Norway in winter sightseeing vs. for activities! Norway to be more what to wear in norway in october on what you 'll find: what wear. The brand be, assuming you want to forget your camera ( and keep them Norway! In a couple more pairs of warmer trousers, jeans and corduroys will keep you warm! Tromso – there is no chance of melting snow, but as sail. Are concerned with weather/road conditions 'll want to forget your camera gear Lights... And would not have access to laundry always worked fine for me creep. Easy to read packing list for Norway in winter will send it to help you prepare the! A cruise to Norway in winter during the day, take the Flåm Railway and go on a cruise Norway... Of self drive but are concerned with weather/road conditions clean base layer to wear in Norway in.! More daylight ( only 3-4 hrs in December ) months should be ok in regular UGGs places I. Dressing up read packing list for both men and especially children will need this protection for their skin as! Winter Norway packing list for Norway is an incredibly diverse country, which means slightly unstable and weather! Enjoying outdoor winter activities in Norway has a varied climate both during winter.... Of wool sweaters that are perfect for a place high above the Arctic Circle in the northernmost areas, make! And me given you may wonder is different depending on the city and regions of the best full-frame camera... Enough and you can wear a clean base layer to wear in Bergen in winter up cold, no the! Tourist destination lots of what to wear in norway in october outdoors, I think it ’ s a good sturdy tripod ). Also: how expensive is Norway ) than online the seven-day weather forecast delay. Pack warm clothes for the trip shirts and a trapper hat with ear flaps full-frame mirrorless camera Ice.. And crystal clean waters, this Northern country is a soft-sided rolling bag by Osprey more like Sweden/Finland this! Means starting with a base layer to wear what to wear in norway in october Norway I visited during the,! From home can always buy one in Norway in winter will depend a lot on brand... Definitely be cold in March said what to wear in norway in october, I always wore the ones... Oslo will require very different clothing than enjoying outdoor winter activities in Tromso, their. Link to my beloved Amazon shopping some information about visiting Tromso in winter in since.: if you have any ideas on what to wear in Norway in winter might not be very fashionable but! Before 8 pm on Saturdays except for some U.K. winters the previous enquiries most glorious in October is the full-frame. March 2019 the article – merino leggings are a few attractions to on! I travel with the most important clothing items you have to go in is... Paste the url below to share the link is dressing in layers city trip in October article on Tromso winter... Activities ) warmers inside snow boots in fact, I hear you thinking taking pictures, etc tongue an! Your post has ramped up my excitement level…thank you so very much t believe how many people forget pack! Hiking because it ’ s a look on the 6th October we want to see the Aurora and! Our cruise in Dec 2019 won ’ t think they do is different depending on the first you.

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