what motivates you to study

After all, most people are motivated by many factors, including pay, prestige, making a difference, seeing results, and … I believe that when I am passionate about what I am learning about, then I will be completely motivated to learn. 40. If I feel like what we learning in class does not benefit me in any way, I will probably space out and won’t take anything from the lesson. Being lazy and procrastinate hard or tedious tasks is something everybody does from time to time. A Level After reading the Tesco case study, students are given the following Should you talk about what motivates you in life or in the workplace? No matter how many motivational posts or quotes you read, if you’re not going to start doing those tasks then nothing’s going to happen. But, please do not post comments that are degrading and/or defamatory to any individuals. In the classes i’m forced to take i’m not learning, i’m memorizing things for a test that i will immediately forget once i’m done being tested on them. Early behaviorism, developed by Munsterberg, Follett, and Mayo, looks at the behavior of people. I don’t have many motivators in my life but one of my more stronger ones is college. For me it’s not money, or passing high school. Due dates motivate me. Welcome, students! Before I read your post Finn, and only read the question, I was thinking the same thing! My good grades are a must because of what i want to be in the future. That gives me the motivation for my other classes. A “good” teacher motivates you. Visual learners also will excel when given constant updates on their progress. Tactual learners are more of the emotional learner. I am motivated by not only my teachers, but my classmates as well! Before this year, I have never truly enjoyed learning about history. Just do it. How they, your employers, can motivate you; Whether you will be motivated enough in the role to carry it out successfully; Although many of these factors may also relate to your career, the interviewer is trying to find out what motivates you in general, what kind of personality you have, and what driving forces inspire you in your everyday life. The teachers who tell you what it is that you are doing but do not check for your understanding before making you try to do the work. At this point in my life I am eager to continue my education in the hopes of mastering my purpose of helping others. When they are having fun with what they are talking about, it gets me excited about the topic as well. You even can try dancing around the room so long as you don’t tire yourself out. Though you are young and may not feel you have a voice or you can make a difference, you are the most important voice of all, for it is truly all about you, and you have to help change the narrative and believe that you can help move the needle and change education. A good teacher and an interesting subject motivates me to learn. Students can tell if a teacher really doesn’t care, and also can tell if a teacher cares. Take some time to get clarity around your end goals. If you know what motivates you, it is a good sign that you know about what you want out of a job. Are you applying for a position that you’ll want to excel at or are you just there for a paycheck? CONTENTS I come to school so I’m not bored even though I’m bored most of the time. TWINKLE MALHOTRA(BBA/4510/10) Find a list of schools . As a student, what motivates me the most is the idea of success, knowing that if i try my hardest the outcome will satisfy me. Motivation makes people active for doing some work. Honestly school is just a thing to kinda do with my time so i ain’t bored. Maybe you enjoy having the ability to assist others or putting your creative skills to use. Noida Campus We make our own choices, and pay our own rent. The most important thing to understand, if you want to motivate yourself to study, is procrastination. (A CASE STUDY OF CASE STUDY OF COCACOLA KWANZA COMPANY DAR ES SALAAM TANZANIA) The only time I get anything done is if I have music or some kind of incentive like extra credit. I have had so many classes where the teacher seems as, if not more, uninterested as the students. what motivates me to learn is my future ,my career, and my parents. I honestly love when teachers joke around with students. To sum it up even more, they’re trying to figure out exactly how you view and approach success and what drives you. I’m motivated to learn when I can easily see how the material will help me specifically. In order to find out what motivates us, we must first take a step back and realize what motivation is. Every year we come back to the same place to learn about our world. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), The Power of the Pass: Project 180, Day 79, The Hidden Life of Students: Project 180, Day 75. When I get out of high school I know I won’t have to be forced to be around people that emotionally pull me down and I’ll get to do what makes me happy in life, so I guess that’s what motivates me to get through the day. All of these studies lead to the theory of Early behaviorism. those aren’t what strive me. The only time that I am motivated is when I feel like it is a benefit. Maslow and McGregor developed the human relation movement. l am also motivated if I am interested in the topic it will make me feel better knowing more about it. Not large work loads. The more work I have the less motivated I am to do it. Most of the time its just a general interest in the topic but when we are getting lectured about something it’s pretty boring… I think like playing different types of trivia games or something like that but mostly its the things that we get to do with the good grades . This year, in my AP world history class, I have grown to love history and have found a deeper meaning in it than previously. If you find yourself struggling, this could tie in to your reasons for putting things off. what motivates me to learn? I am motivated to learn by grades, which lead to college, which leads to a career. People have said,”You’re so smart, why don’t you have a 4.0 GPA?” Maybe, its because you all push me to do so much and learn more and more that I don’t care anymore. What motivates you as an individual is directly related to your goal-orientation and ambition levels. What motivates me to learn is being personally challenged, and having a good teacher, who is willing to take the time to answer questions, but isn’t over explanatory. By understanding the characteristics of the student and understanding what motivates the learner will help the student achieve great success as a online learner. BY Motivation is different for everyone around the world the drive each of feels stems from different places. I had my best cross country season ever and had spot on grades. How to Answer “What Motivates You?” The best way to answer this question is to practice how you are going to respond before your interview begins. CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION What motivates me the most is when I have a wide range of options to choose from when I’m doing projects and presentations. It doesn’t motivate me when people think i’m not trying even when i’m trying my hardest. I am motivated to learn because I have to keep my grades up to stay on the cheerleading squad and i also dont want to disappoint my parents. I truly enjoy reading, researching, and being taught about these subjects. Honestly, who wants to go to school all day and then have a couple hours of homework? Procrastination can be defined as the process of postponing a task perceived as unpleasant by your brain in favor of a more, temporarily, pleasant task. I recognise myself in what you are saying, I’m in highschool now, but I live in Sweden. I. So, first of all, try to understand yourself and do not feel guilty for that. Whether the teacher cares or not sort of reflects how much I care about the subject. Not dragging on and maybe turning it into a fun game helps me with assignments and helps me remember things for the tests. I just think in those cases: “What is the point of this?” The more a topic interests me, the greater the chance that I will try and not just go through the motions. It’s so much more motivating to learn when you can see the passion and excitement anyone, not just teachers, has about anything. I love to learn because i’ve always enjoyed knowing how things work, or how to do them. Your work should include a definition of motivation and the expected i enjoy knowing. What motivates me is when a class is made enjoyable by a teacher who is not only willing to change something about their lesson to better help a student in need, but also keeps everyone engaged and having fun. I don’t come to school, people judge. An enthusiastic and active teacher motivates me. If you can think of an amazing reward that you receive once you reached your goal (e.g. I want to go to college and have a good job and life. Even the kind of Useless things are useful when I think about it. If you present something, even something fairly boring, in an interesting way people will be engaged and want to learn. Parents and friends are the main reason I try in school. We have to have real conversations to make any kind of significant change, even if those conversations are tough. I find it hard to be motivated in school. For me, a dedicated teacher that I respect makes it MUCH easier to put time into a subject. Also when people believe in me, especially role models like teachers, motivates me to do the best I possibly could be. They continue to say that a song has the power to motivate studying because it causes a spirit of optimism that evokes the powerful feeling of being able to accomplish anything. I’m motivated to learn when I know that whenever I am learning will have positive effects on my life in the future. High school has proved to me that not much motivates me. 38. II. what motivates me to learn is if i have a good teacher and if im around people that are also motivated to learn thats a reason why im in honors. This is a broad and open-ended question, which can make it hard to know how to answer. I want to not limit my options in after high school education and my career, so good grades are the way to achieve that. I don’t know what would help to change that but you asked so I anwsered with my opinion. I am a very motivated in school because i know the outcome and positive consequences, but you can’t make someone love something they don’t. That personally motivates me the most. Motivation is a two-way street. Although it is stressful, some teachers are very helpful and understanding about what i’m going through and they help me in anyway they can and that’s what motivates me. And when I am genuinely interested in a subject I’m more interested in what is happening and what I’m learning. i do it ’cause i want to. McGregor suggested managers have two types of attitudes; either "X" or "Y." If you do know you motivation though definitely let me know what motivates you to go to school and where in these categories you fall. its service in the local newspaper. Don’t dwell on these reason(s) just acknowledge the feelings and move on. For once were are supposed to be treated like an adult. Maslow developed a hierarchy of needs: physiological, safety, love, esteem, and self-actualization, to see what motivates people. If they don’t care…why should I care? I am motivated to learn because if I have bad grades my parents wont let me do fun stuff like sports or hangout with friends. I know a “good” teacher is a somewhat broad term, but I’ve been lucky to get mostly “good” teachers throughout my education. If teachers are grouchy and not excited to teach their students, it’s hard to get the students interested in what is being taught and they just lose the motivating to learn. Well, I don’t know how complicated that question is to you, with this guide, I’ll cover how to best answer the what motivates you to interview question. Classical music, archery, fishing, hunting, and engineering are things that I love. that’s a bit of a tough question that can be asked in many ways. How to tell you've picked the right uni. Keep your eye out on social media or in books for quotes that motivate you.

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